Golf Club Stamps

We're taking golf club stamping to the next level by offering fellow golf enthusiasts an unmatched selection of metal hand stamp designs for marking wedges and irons. Whether customizing golf clubs is your profession, passion, or hobby; iron and wedge stamping is the perfect way to personalize a set of clubs.

Stamp Yours metal stamps are made from industrial grade tool steel, making them the perfect tool to mark thousands of sharp and crisp impressions into your golf club irons and wedges. In this section, you'll find our collection of the most popular metal stamps people are using on golf clubs.


Order today and you'll be stamping your clubs within days. All metal design stamps in this section are stocked and ship within 24 hours!


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      • Every Stamp Yours Metal Stamp we make is suitable for golf club stamping:
      • For more options, be sure to check out:
      •  - All Design Stamps
  • - Ready-Made fonts   For in stock metals alphabet sets and fonts ship same day.
  • - Tailored fonts  For made to order metal alphabet sets in a variety of sizes

All Stamp Yours Metal Stamps

  • - Made from high quality industrial grade tool steel to last for thousands of uses.
  • - Thoughtfully designed and precision engraved stamp faces for an unmatched impression clarity.
  • - Tapered to the impression face to help ensure accurate alignment
  • - Rated to endure high volume use on stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, and pewter.
  • - Made in Cleveland, Ohio- USA