Why Stamp Yours for Your Metal Design Stamps

Why Stamps Yours? Everything You Need to Know!

Are you looking for durable metal design stamps? Today, I am going to tell you my top reasons why I love my stamps from Stamp Yours, and you may decide they are perfect for your metal stamping business too! 

A Little About Me and My Search for Durable Design Stamps

A little over three years ago I decided to open up my first Etsy shop and sell hand stamped jewelry. I love the whole process of taking a strip of metal stamping fun sayings on to it and then finally shaping it and polishing it into a beautiful bracelet. 

Like most new metal jewelry stampers, I started out with your basic craft store stamps, but quickly outgrew the selection and quality they offered. 

So I started searching for durable design stamps that not only will last me through continued use but also have fun designs. That is when I found Stamp Yours!

Why I Love Stamp Yours

Stamp Yours is a branch of The Superior Steel Stamp Company which has been in business since 1914! How cool is that?

They specialized in the industrial sector of metal stamps but started seeing a lot of request for metal design stamps for jewelry makers, leather artisans, and even handmade knives. So in 2014, they began with a small batch of design stamps that have grown into the vast collection they have now. 

What Makes Their Metal Design Stamps Different?

1 - Durability

Your stamps take a lot of hits! And because of that durability is a huge factor with any metal or leather design stamp. 

They use a unique heat treating that makes back of your stamp a little softer than the face. Why is this important? This process ensures that your stamp will not break or crack from miss hits or uneven pressure, and is a critical factor in adding to the life of the stamp.

Blake Font Metal Design Stamps for Jewelers by Stamp Yours

2 - Rated for Stainless Steel

If you use a non-rated stamp on stainless, you will quickly dull that stamp. And dull stamps make lousy impressions!

All of Stamp Yours Design Stamps and Font Sets are rated for use on stainless steel. So you will not have to worry about wearing out that stamp.

Plus, you can use them on silver, brass, copper, pewter, aluminum, bronze, or gold.

3 - Super Sharp Precision Engraved with Tapered Faces

I love how sharp their stamps are compared to my other stamps. I find that I do not need to hit them as hard with my hammer and the impression is so much clearer.

When I started switching to tapered stamps, it was a total game changer! Not only was I able to align everything better, but I also quit wasting so many blanks.

Stamp Yours grinds away all that extra metal by the design so you can align everything so much easier. Just look at the pictures, and you can see how close they get them. 

Metal Design Stamps Shown in Floral Letters by Stamp Yours

4 - Variety of Sizes

Stamp Yours uses a variety of shank sizes for design stamps to optimize the design stamps feel and usability. Here are an example of the various shank sizes are used in their stock design items:

Square Shanks:

1/4 Inch 5/16 Inch 3/8 Inch 1/2 Inch 5/8 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch

Rectangle Shanks:

3/8 x 1/2

3/8 x 5/8

3/8 x 1

5/8 x 1

5 - Custom Designs and Font Sets

Do you want to make your logo into a stamp? Or your own custom font set? Their fantastic design team will take you through the whole process.

When I ordered my first custom design stamp, I was worried the process would be complicated. But they made it easy! All it took was a few emails, I had my design perfected and order placed. 

Custom Metal Design Stamp Featuring a Skull Made by Stamp Yours
Custom Design Stamp from Customers Artwork

Stamp Yours cares a lot about getting your custom design perfect!
  • They send you a proof that displays the exact impression that your stamp would make.
  • Your proof is made to exact size that can be printed out to scale and reviewed. Tip: I printed mine out and cut it out with scissors to make sure it would work on bracelet blank.
  • You can then let them know if they need to make any changes or if the metal design is ready for production.

You will get exactly what you had in mind without any guesswork or assumptions involved!

Don't forget they also make custom leather stamps!

6 - Fast Shipping

Most in-stock orders will ship same day if ordered before 1:00 pm. They know you are excited to get stamping and work diligently to get your orders out as quickly as possible. 

If you are ordering a made to order designs (skylines, states, or wreaths) or tailored fonts, they usually ship in 7-10 business days. 

7 - Knowledgeable Team

Stamps Yours extensive industrial background will ensure they are supplying you the best stamp for the job.

For example, a knife maker may choose to stamp his blade while it is hot. Those high temperatures require a different type of steel (M2 or M4) to hold their shape. On the other hand, a jeweler needs their stamps made from O-1 Steel.

8 - Stamps for Your Branding Tool or Machine

Even if you have your branding tool or machine, Stamp Yours can manufacture many products that compatible with your existing equipment.

So head on over and see what all Stamp Yours has to offer!

Meet Haley:

Haley Bradley

Hi, Y'all! I'm Haley from Kentucky, work from home mom of 3. I started making hand stamped jewelry in late 2015 and selling on my Etsy shop. But I also blog on HaleysVintage.com and serve as the President of International Bloggers Association!

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