About Us

A little bit about Stamp Yours and how it came to be...

It all started with The Superior Steel Stamp Company; a family owned and operated business that was founded in Cleveland, OH in 1914. Initially making our metal stamping mark in the industrial sector for a wide range of companies and production lines. Over the past 5-10 years, we noted a significant increase in the demand for metal stamps/dies for the jewelry and metal smith industries. In 2014, we decided it was time to create a brand dedicated to these industries, and we wanted to take a more eCommerce based approach. The name we came up with was Stamp Yours, and we first rolled it out on Etsy gauge interest to see if this endeavor was truly worth pursuing. Within 6 months it was time to switch to a bigger platform capable of supporting this rapidly growing business- www.stampyours.com was created- and here we are!

Stamp Yours products include alphabet sets in various fonts and sizes, as well as stock design stamps. One of our specialties is custom stamps where customers can submit an image or hand drawing that we will draft and turn into a stamp. We pride ourselves on high quality products and service and believe there is nothing more unique than the beauty of individualism. Our goal with Stamp Yours is to inspire consumers to bring their ideas and creations to life.

Stamp Yours offers high quality and precision made products using industrial grade methods that have been refined and optimized for over 100 years. You can expect a lifetime of repeated use with Stamp Yours products for all your stamping needs- from leather to stainless and everything in between!

What sets Stamp Yours apart?

All stamps are precision made with the highest quality tool steel for use on virtually any surfaces and precious metals as hard as stainless steel. Whether your stamping volume pieces or specialty items, you can expect a sharp impression each time, every time.

Accuracy is key! All stamps are precision tapered to the face of the design. This ensures easy alignment when stamping. Allowing you to work efficiently and reduce errors; saving you time, money and wasted materials.

Why Stamp Yours?

Whether you run a business, stamp as a hobby, or are looking for high volume or specialty custom items; you can count on us to support you with a high quality tool you can depend on for all your stamping endeavors.