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70mm Bow Maker's Precision Plane

70mm Bow Maker's Precision Plane

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the 70mm Bow Maker's Precision Plane, a woodworking marvel meticulously crafted
in the heart of the USA and designed by the visionary Rodney Mohr at Mohr
Better Tools. This isn't just a tool; it's a testament to American
craftsmanship, precision, and the pursuit of perfection.

Behold a
steel body adorned with a lustrous brass cap and screw, crowned with a
high-speed steel blade, creating a symphony of excellence. This masterpiece is
born from the fusion of CNC machining, surface grinding, and the skilled touch
of artisanal hand fitting, ensuring unparalleled quality.

woodworking like never before as the narrow throat empowers you to execute the
finest cuts, conquering even the most challenging wood grains. The high-speed
steel blade, a true workhorse, extends your working time, making light work of
the densest hardwoods.

More than
just a tool, this 70mm Bow Maker's Precision Plane is a legacy, a timeless
creation crafted entirely in the USA. It's not just about woodworking; it's
about passing down a heritage of precision, quality, and the enduring spirit of
American craftsmanship to the generations that follow.

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