About Art Work

Raster vs Vector Art

Whats the difference?


(Composed of pixels) More commonly called bitmap images. A bitmap image uses a grid of individual pixels where each pixel can be a different color or shade.


(Composed of paths) Use Mathematical Relationships between points and the paths, connecting them to describe an image.

Can you see the difference between the quality of these logos?

Why is file type important?

It all boils down to math and numbers! It’s simple really.

Without getting extremely technical, if Vector files are composed of paths using mathematical relationships, and the programming language for the milling machines (that are used to engrave the stamp faces) are lines of mathematical code, then wouldn't it make sense that all art work needs to be in a vector format for the file type to be compatible?

What we do

There are 2 steps in order to prepare artwork

1. Vectorize The Artwork

Our team can turn just about any type of artwork into vector format. All artwork varies in detail, complexity and quality. The amount of time it takes to convert a file into a vector format differs for each image.

2. Optimize The Artwork

Once the artwork is vectorized, it is now in an editable format. From there, our team carefully reviews and cleans up the design in order to optimize it for the best possible stamp face. Every line must be clean and have an ending point. If you took a close look at your stamp face with magnifiers, you would be able to tell if the lines weren’t cleaned up on the artwork.

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