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Buy Custom Inside Ring Stamp

Buy Custom Inside Ring Stamp

Buy a custom ring stamp to properly identify your work and craftsmanship. Stamp Yours can make the ring stamp you need with a logo or symbol that best represents you. We need to know the metals you work with and more about your products to better understand the kind of stamp you need. Work with our team of experts to design something just for you—partner with us to ensure people know what you make.

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Our tools are long-lasting and will work through hundreds of thousands of rings, clearly making your mark from the first impression to the last. We design our tools to make sure they fit the exact needs and precise work of our clients. By working with us, you’ll receive tools that do what you need them to for a long time.

Inside Ring Stamps are the perfect tool for hand stamping the inside of your rings with your signature logo, makers mark, or jewelry hallmark.

  • Maximum design size = 5x5mm
  • Designs engraved along a slight curve in order to meet the inside curve of your ring.
  • Machine tapered to the face of the design to help ensure accuracy and alignment when stamping


CLASSIC curved shank inside ring stamp, also known as bent shank , or goose neck

    Stamping the inside curve of your rings is easier than ever with Stamp Yours’ inside ring stamps.

    Product Specs

    • Made From O1 Tool Steel
    • Hardened to 60-62 Rc
    • 3.5" long shank
    • Made in the US- Cleveland, OH