Custom Ordering Process

At Stamp Yours, we take great pride in turning your creations into high-quality marking or branding products. Regardless of your experience level, you can count on our extremely friendly and talented team to work closely with you to ensure your marking product is made to your exact specifications. From the initial form submission to receiving your final product, see just how quick and easy it is.

1. Submitting the form!

  • Under the “Custom Stamp” section, select the proper form based on your marking needs to go right to the form!
  • All custom submission forms are Mobile Friendly! You can upload images directly from your mobile photo album.

2. I’ve submitted the form, what’s next?

  • Our design team will receive and assess your custom submission.
  • From there we will either respond with a quotation or any questions to ensure we understand and meet your expectations.

3. Invoicing

  • Once the quotation is approved, our team will then send an invoice to move forward.

4. Proofing Process

  • Sharp stamps start with sharp artwork!
  • Our Design team will take all the necessary measures to ensure your artwork is cleaned up to perfection to create the best possible stamping face. Click here to read more about the artwork.
  • We will then email you a PDF Proof of your marking product that is true in size. You can print the proof out to see precisely how your impression will look.
  • We will adjust the proof until you are 100% satisfied!

5. Production

  • Once the final proof is confirmed, your order will go into the production queue.
  • From there, all you need to do is sit back and wait 7-10 business days for your marking product to arrive!

Any questions? Give us a call at 216-242-6145 or shoot us an email at