Custom Metal Design Stamp Quote Form


At Stamp Yours, we take pride in bringing your original ideas/artwork to life with an extremely durable, precision made custom metal stamp. Every stamp is made to endure volume use on all precious, soft metals, and stainless steel surfaces. Our team is able to achieve a range of detail, from simple outlines to highly complex designs, the possibilities are endless.  

We works hard to turn all custom orders around within 7-10 business days.

Stay ahead of the trends and get your custom stamp made by the experts at Stamp Yours today!


Common Types

  • Jewlery Design Stamps

  • Makers Marks/Logos

  • Inside Ring Stamps

  • Knife and Blade Stamps

  • Tag Maker Stamps

Product Specs

  • Can be made for hand held use or to work in any press or marking machine

  • For use on all materials as hard as and including stainless steel.

  • Precision taper up to each individual letter to assist with alignment.

  • Made with High Quality O-1 Tool Steel, heat treated to 58-60 Rc

  • Made in the US