Custom Metal Design Stamp Quote Form

Starting at $75 dollars

Whether you stamp professionally, as a hobby, or need a makers mark to put your signature/ logo on your creations,

you can always expect Stamp Yours to deliver a high quality & durable tool steel metal stamp made to give you an unmatched number of clean impressions



At Stamp Yours, we take pride in bringing your original ideas/artwork to life with an extremely durable, precision made custom metal stamp. Our team is able to achieve a wide range of detail, from simple outlines to highly complex designs. The possibilities are endless. Submit your artwork and let us handle the rest!


Made from industrial grade tool steel; Every Stamp Yours custom metal hand stamp is made to endure volume use on virtually any metal surface- from precious jewelry metals to stainless steel, that includes golf club irons or wedges!


Custom orders ship within 7-10 business days. Stay ahead of the trends and get your custom stamp made timely by the experts at Stamp Yours today!


Common Metal Stamp Types

  • Jewelry Design Hand Stamps

  • Inside Ring Stamps
  • Tag Maker Stamps
  • Makers Marks/Logos
  • Golf Club Iron and Wedge Stamping


Need a hand stamp for forged steel? Click Here


Product Specs

  • - Can be made for hand held use or to work in any press or marking machine

  • - For Volume On All Metal Surfaces (including stainless steel)

  • - Precision taper up to each individual letter to assist with alignment.

  • - Made with High Quality O-1 Tool Steel, heat treated to 58-62 HRC

  • Made in the US- Cleveland, OH