Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block


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Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block

This 2-piece block totals 11 pounds and features 7 perfectly placed inset neodymium magnets, each with 22 pounds of pull force; allowing you to confidently secure and stamp righty or lefty clubs both shaft in / or shaft out. If stamping shaft out, the height of the block was designed so that you can set it anywhere on your table without the neck hitting.

The wedge block is made up of 2 pieces; 1 mild steel base with an aluminum stamping face, so that you won’t mar or scratch your clubs. For optimal rigidity, the steel base contains 4 counterbored holes so that you can secure it to your bench if you choose. The tools to detach the block along with hardware to secure the base to your table are included.

 Magnets are brittle and SHOULD NEVER take direct impact. This block is only made to be used with golf club-iron and wedges.  Do not use this block to stamp anything other than wedges or irons. 

Check out these videos to see more

VIDEO 1: Quick Block Run Down

VIDEO 2: Time Lapse of Block in Action

VIDEO 3: Additional info, how to disassemble and mount to your bench

Block Highlights

  • Works for LEFTY and RIGHTY clubs
  • Stamping wedges/irons
    • SHAFT OUT - block height allows for shaft-out wedges to sit comfortably on any part of your table
    • SHAFT IN - Magnets are strong enough to secure shaft-in wedges for stamping


  • Block Details
    • Dimensions =  5” x 3.7” x 2.6”
    • 7 neodymium magnets x 22 LBS of pull force each
    • Weight: 11 pounds
    • Block consists of 2 pcs
      • A36 mild steel Base for rigidity
      • 6061 Aluminum stamping face so that you won’t scratch/mar your club face   
    • Block has 4 holes so that it can be mounted 4 need thread/hole size so that you can mount it to your table
      • Hardware included for attaching aluminum top to steel base
        • QTY 4, 1/4-20  3/4 Thread Length
        • QTY 1, ¼-20    Allen Key
      • Hardware included for mounting steel base plate to your bench
        • QTY 4, 1/2 Washer 
        • QTY 4, 1/2-13 SHCS 3 inch Long Partially Threaded
        • QTY 4, Steel Hex Nut Grade 5, Zinc-Plated, 1/2"-13 Thread Size
        • Not included: DRILL BIT// ALLEN KEY FOR THIS SIZE



This Product is non-returnable. 

This item cannot be shipped via air carrier.

Use eye protection when stamping

Avoid contact with neodymium magnets if you have a nickel allergy.

Avoid contact with neodymium magnets if you have a pacemaker.

Be wary of electronics and credit cards, or anything else that can be affected by magnetism.  Do not set any items directly on the block other than what you will be stamping. 

Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block
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Stamp Yours Magnetic Wedge Stamping Block Review
Stamping Block Excellent

This is high quality stamping block that can be used more then stamping wedges and the magnetics are strong and hold clubs well

Martin B.
United States United States
Perfect for what it’s designed to do

Came as advertised. If you have a sturdy enough table you don’t even need to secure the block to it because of how heavy it is. Great product

Jackson M.
United States United States
Nice Wedge Stamping Block

So far this has been an excellent for quality wedge stamping. It is important to ensure you lock it down to your bench though to ensure no wedge bounce. Overall this has made my stamping projects much easier.

Thomas F.
United States United States
magnetic wedge stamping block

this is absolutely perfect, no detail missed. the additional pieces included to secure the wedge make it a breeze to stamp any wedge in any position you could imagine!

Mark K.
United States United States