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Ornament Stamp Set

Ornament Stamp Set

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Ornament Metal Design Stamp Set
  • The Ornament Stamp Set Includes 9 different stamps
  • This set of ornaments allows for a variety of patterns to be stamped using the different ornaments. The first 2 stamps in the set are ornament strings (one is a string and one is a ball chain) 
  • Ornaments in the picture start with #1 on the left and ends with #9 on the right
  • Impression Sizes by Heights are as follows:
    • Ball Chain  #1: 2.5mm
    • String #2: 2.5mm
    • Ornament #3: 3mm
    • Ornament #4: 4mm
    • Ornament #5: 5mm
    • Ornament #6: 5mm
    • Ornament #7: 6mm
    • Ornament #8: 6mm
    • Ornament #9: 6mm
  • Ornaments 1-5 are on 5/16 inch shanks
  • Ornaments 6-9 are on 5/16 inch shanks

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  • Made with highest quality materials and processes.
  • Rated to endure high volume use on stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, brass, copper,  bronze, aluminum, and pewter.
  • Precision tapered to the character face to help ensure accurate alignment.
  • Made in the USA.