Custom Knife and Blade Touch Mark


Whether your a blacksmith, bladesmith, or knife maker enthusiast, a touch mark is a way of putting your signature on your blade or tang, so that no matter whose hand your knife ends up in, they'll know who made it.

Depending on what part of the process you decide to mark your blade, we have a couple of different steel options that will be suitable to make your mark for the long haul.

  • Can be made from M2 or O1 Steel
  • M2 steel is perfect for marking your blades while red hot during the forging process. Many blacksmiths prefer this method because it allows you to achieve a deeper impression. M2 steel's metallurgic properties allows it to endure these extreme temperatures without sacrificing the integrity of the stamp face.
  • O1 is a more cost effective option that is useful for stamping any blade that's not being stamped in extreme temperatures. Typically this mark would be made before or after heat treat! We recommend before heat treat, as certain blade steels harden to a similar hardness after heat treat, which is not the best combination for getting a long life out of your stamp.


Product Specs

  • M2 Steel Knife Stamps
    • hardened 60-62 Rc
    • 6" long shank for extra handle when stamping hot surfaces!
  • O1 Steel Knife Stamps

    • Hardended 60-62 Rc

    • 3.5" long shank

  • Made in the US- Cleveland, OH