Custom Inside Ring Stamp



  • Inside Ring Stamps are the perfect tool for hand stamping the inside of your rings with your signature logo, makers mark, or jewelry hallmark.
  • - Maximum design size = 5x5mm
  • - Designs engraved along a slight curve in order to meet the inside curve of your ring.
  • - Machine tapered to the face of the design to help ensure accuracy and alignment when stamping
  • Made from your choice of 2 different styles:
        • 1) CLASSIC curved shank inside ring stamp, also known as bent shank , or goose neck
  • 2) NEW style, the slotted shank inside ring stamp.


Some say the new slotted shank style hand stamps allows for more stability when stamping the inside curve of your ring--- both work great- well let you be the judge!


Stamping the inside curve of your rings has never been as easy. easier than ever with Stamp Yours Inside Ring Stamps



Product Specs

- Made From O1 Tool Steel  

  • - Hardened to 60-62 Rc
  • - 3.5" long shank
  • - Made in the US- Cleveland, OH