Bullion Hand Stamps and Marking Dies

  • Your search for the perfect metal hand stamps and marking dies for stamping poured bullion bars and rounds ends here.
  • Bullion hand stamps and marking dies are engraved with extra depth in order to accommodate for the naturally uneven surface that poured bullion yields. This enables you to stamp the full impression without the metal stamp background showing up.


After years of making thousands of stamps for bullion, artists and stackers, we understand the type of stamp face you need. Our team will always ensure that the the engraving and stamp features are optimal for your use. Our graphic design team will take any artwork or logo and optimize it for the perfect stamp face.


Stamp Yours stamps are CNC machine engraved from tool steel with the optimal angles and character structure. Whether you work with kilos or ounces, you can count on your Stamp Yours bullion stamps to make clean impressions for the long haul.



Product Specs

- Made From O1 Tool Steel  

  • - Hardened to 60-62 Rc
  • - Machine tapered to the face of the design to help ensure accuracy and alignment when stamping
  • - Hand Stamps are 3" / 3.5" long shanks
  • - Marking dies (press use) are 3/4" thick blocks
  • - Made in the US- Cleveland, OH