Tool Maintenance and Safety

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  • Anti Rust
    • wipe down stamps after each use
    • keep them in a dry spot
    • rust is a natural occurence with metal
    • keeping your stamps rust free will make them last longer
    • Leave better impression (maybe?)
  • Keeping your engraving clean
    • easier to line up impressions
    • stamps better
    • peace of mind
  • Hitting them evenly
    • creates even wear
    • better impression


  • Wear Safety glasses
  • ear protection not bad
  • watch your fingers
  • keep your eyes on your work space
  • use a hammer you are able to comfortably control

Rust Prevention and Care


  • Be sure to wipe down stamps after each use
  • Keep stamps stored in as dry enviroment as possible
  • Rust ocurs naturaully when dealing with steel
  • Keeping stamps rust free will help them last longer