Jewelry Stamps

Welcome to the home of Stamp Yours famous Metal Jewelry Stamps. Every Metal Stamp is from high quality tool steel and engraved with the right combination of angle and depth, these stamps are sure to give you a strong tool that will endure a lifetime of high volume work. We heat treat the stamps to around 60 Rockwell with a selectively tempered hammer point to ensure that they dont crack or chip while in use. All the extra steps and time put into processing these tools allow them to be used on practically any medium, from material as soft as leather to as hard as stainless steel and all precious metals in between!

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Design Stamps

Here you will find our large library of Designs Stamps. Choose from over 200 designs from as small as 1mm to as large as 22mm. Almost all of our designs are kept in stock and ship same day

Tailored Fonts

Browse our library of Tailored Fonts, over 20 different fonts available in a wide variety of sizes to fit all your stamping needs

Ready-Made Fonts

Looking for an in stock font with free shipping? Check out our Ready-Made font collection, these fonts come in one size and ship same day for free!

Check Out All Of Our Stock Stamps In One Place!

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