Stamping Block


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We offer several packages with center scales included
Click on the package name to see the contents, the main picture will also show you what each package contains based on your drop down selection

  • Economy Stamping Block Package
  • Deluxe Stamping Block Package
  • Ultra Deluxe Stamping Block Package
  • Superior Stamping Block Package
  • Package Contents
    •1 Stamping Block

  • Package Contents
    • 1 Stamping Block
    • 1 Set of Center Scales in EITHER standard or metric
    •Choose your scale preference from the drop down above

  • Package Contents
    •1 Stamping Block
    •2 Sets of Center Scales in EITHER standard or metric
    •Choose your scale preference from the drop down above

  • Package Contents
    •1 Stamping Block
    •2 Sets of Standard Center Scales
    •2 sets of Metric Center Scales

Introducing the Stamp Yours professional stamping block.  The stamping blocks are case hardened (50-52 rockwell), which makes it difficult to ding up and leave marks on the back of your pieces. Brass hammers will NOT DING these up at all!  The block has chamfered sides to ensure there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on.  Every block comes with the drill and tapped holes so that you can buy the block alone and rulers later on or buy it with the rulers in one of our package deal options for the best value!   The rulers (offered in metric and/or standard)  sit perfectly against the block; allowing you to hold pieces up against them to help keep with consistency with your alignment. Stamp like a PRO with the professional stamping block. 

Block Dimensions/Details:

  • Made from High Grade U.S. Steel 
  • 10 x 8 inches 
  • 1 inch thick
  • Machined with a smooth finish for a level work space
  • Two tapped holes per side for mounting center scales
  • All Blocks come pre-oiled to protect from rust
  • We recommend wiping down block before and after use

Center Scales

  • We offer center scales in sets of 2 with our Stamping Block Packages
  • You can purchase them individually here:Center Scales
  • Our Center Scales are made from aluminum
  • The scales are machine engraved to ensure accuracy between gradients


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